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Honestly, I do not know what to do here.  But, since my mind is always busy anyway, I'm sure I'll come up with what to do with this journal. As for now, I should probably tell something about me.

Hi. I'm Cheska. I'm from the Philippines. I can probably say I'm somewhat a Japanophile. Having said that, my interests would be the Japanese language, people, and culture. I also read mangas, watch animes and jdramas and movies, listen to japanese music, and fangirl a lot. haha. I love watching movies though I'm not really fond of romance. That goes with novels as well. I love reading but not much on romance. Though, when it comes to mangas, I usually read romance. I wonder why though....

Oh, I love to eat. Of course. And I would like to try eating different things from other cultures our countries as well. 

What else...

I draw, usually people or clothing. I also write poems and stories(which I rarely finish). I'm pretty much a procrastinator as well. 

Ah, this is getting boring. Anyway, here's a list of musicians/bands I love and/or fangirl and/or support:

This list ias of course not complete but this will suffice for now and this is not in any particular order

Tokio Hotel
NICO touches the walls
Yamashita Tomohisa
Panik/Nevada Tan
Acid Black Cherry
Akanishi Jin
One Ok Rock
Dir en Grey
A Rocket to the Moon
Green Day

forgive me if I forgot someone...i'm pretty forgetful

That's it for now. :)

Here's a screenshot of Yamapi as an apology for this boring post

yamapi glare



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